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The ancient Egyptians were one of the first great civilizations on the planet. They built the pyramids at Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the Library of Alexandria. As a foundational well-structured society, the Egyptians had a sophisticated agricultural economy, a highly organized government, and proper law enforcement.

These social institutions created a sense of stability in their everyday lives that nurtured research and documentation. Through trial and error, the ancient Egyptians were able to discover medical treatments that were far ahead of their time, many of which are still employed today. …

If you know one thing about mosquitoes, it’s probably their lust for blood. And if you know two things about mosquitoes, the second is probably that they can carry diseases, like dengue, malaria, Zika, and West Nile.

Now, the culprits here are really the female mosquitoes. While males never feed on blood, the females do so for an extra nutritional boost, in order to lay eggs. But there’s actually one species that almost never bite, even though it can. And understanding why could help us combat these deadly illnesses.

Overall, non-biting mosquitoes aren’t that special. They’ve evolved multiple times from their blood-drinking relatives. But there are only one mosquito species we know of that has some populations that bite and some that… just don’t! …

The study of planets outside of the solar system is still in its infancy. The first exoplanet wasn’t officially recorded until 1992, and there are still less than five thousand confirmed exoplanets in space. That’s despite various estimates claiming that there are many billions of them still to be discovered in the universe. Even so, every so often we find one that particularly piques our interest… and that’s exactly what Gliese 486b has done! And today we’re answering the extraordinary question; did scientists just discover the best ever super-Earth?

What is a Super-Earth?

A super-Earth is an exoplanet with a mass up to ten…

In 1929, a massive stock market crash ushered in a nearly decade-long, worldwide economic depression that would prove to be the most prolonged and widespread in recent history. The rise of refrigeration, changes in the food supply chain, and the increased need for inexpensive meals led to a drastic change in the American diet.

Getting food on the table was tough. And sometimes using what was available led to some rather strange recipes. Today, we’re looking at the weird foods people eat to get through the Great Depression.

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Prune Pudding

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt…

credit: google images

Researchers have had hypotheses, of course, but no real evidence. That is, until now. New research published in the journal science advances offers some pretty solid support to one idea: that ancient fish started making bones like ours because they stored nutrients.

And the team got that intel using some supercool tech that lets us get a more up-close-and-personal look at fossil fish bones than ever before. More than 400 million years ago in the Silurian period, ancient jawless fishes evolved bones containing bone cells called osteocytes. …

During the Vietnam War or the American War, as it’s sometimes known in Vietnam-Pho Binh was a popular place to grab a hot bowl of traditional pho bo or beef pho. Today we discuss the history of “pho” in 10 facts.


The restaurant was just a few hundred feet down the road from the U.S. Military Police headquarters in what was then Saigon, and U.S. soldiers were known to sometimes eat there. What those soldiers didn’t know was that one of the servers ladling out their beef noodle soup was Ngo Toai, a leader of the Vietnamese resistance.

Toai had…

Visiting somewhere that’s warm and sunny? Or maybe a five-star stay in a vibrant and exciting city? Well, for the next few minutes forget all of that, because we’re going to the moon and back. Literally. This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering the extraordinary question; what if there was a hotel in space?

The Lunar Hilton Story

Back in the 1960s, the space race was at its height. …

As we know, SpaceX is planning to send humans to Moon and Mars in the future. To fulfill their goal SpaceX is developing their ultimate weapon, starship. Previously we witness SN11’s high altitude test flight. People were eagerly waiting to see SN11 successfully landing on the launch pad.

However, a mid-air explosion literally destroyed the vehicle before it could go for a landing attempt. Although a test failure did not slow down SpaceX, rather they accelerated work on the upcoming starship line-up with some major improvements.

Last year in November, Musk first talked about “major [Starship] upgrades” with starship prototype SN15. After the SN15 flight test, Musk again said in a tweet that SpaceX would roll out SN15 with “hundreds” of upgrades. It clearly shows that SpaceX has some big plans regarding the SN15 starship prototype.

Musk also talked about the SN20 line-up. “Next major technology rev is…

The True Story of Casanova | History’s Most Legendary Lover

Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice in 1725 to a pair of actors and grew up to be a man who arguably embodied the spirit of the Enlightenment. He was charming, curious, directionless, and usually fell for intelligent, talented women who seduced him, just as often as he seduced them.

However, there is a lot more to this noted lothario than his numerous love affairs. Though Giacomo Casanova lived way back in the 18th century, his name to this very day remains an adjective for a man who knows his way around the ladies. …

13 Unusual Historical Heists

Not all heists are designed to spike your blood sugar. We’re highlighting all sorts of off-the-wall historical heists from infamous art thefts to a string of high-dollar cheese robberies. So in this article, we break down 13 strange robberies and puzzling burglaries.

Some Thieves in Germany Made off with Sweet Spoils

Did you know that in August 2017, thieves in the town of Neustadt, Germany, stole a refrigerated truck filled with up to 20 tons of Nutella and Kinder chocolate eggs? …

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